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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 7, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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came from fresno originally to celebrate a relative's birthday but when a cousin was shot dead in oakland over the weekend the father decided to stay for the funeral. konya says this is tragedy on top of a tragedy. >> i wish it would stop. i don't want, you know, my other cousins to try to retaliate. >> reporter: police say this morning's killings on ghormley avenue may be connected to the shooting that killed the victim's cousin over the weekend. investigators believe someone targeted the young father by walking into the backyard of the house to shoot into the room. >> probably scoped it out and probably seen that was the room he was in and -- >> reporter: you think they were going after andrew? >> maybe. >> reporter: konya says she doesn't know the motive. she has lost five family members in oakland to gun violence in recent years. relatives cried out this morning when they came to the house and found out about the killings. late this afternoon, the mayor and the police chief met with
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some young people at youth uprising to talk about ways to prevent this type of violence. >> absolutely unacceptable that we have children being shot while they sleep in their beds. it is horrific. >> work with the federal and local resources to make sure we end this whole cycle of retaliation. >> reporter: the chief and the mayor originally called a press conference to talk about oakland's crime-fighting strategy. but they decided to cancel that press conference to focus on this little boy who was shot dead this morning. they believe "cease-fire" is still working but not everybody apparently believes that's the case given the killings in recent weeks. live here in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a car chase through oakland lot of a trail of damage behind. it started at frank ogawa plaza. the suspect plowed into car after car before finally crashing at isabella and san
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pablo streets. multiple ambulances responded to the scene. that was about 3 p.m. this afternoon. not clear whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. friends of a missing oakland woman hit the streets this afternoon. they are not waiting around for police to find sandra coke. she disappeared on sunday and our don knapp went along on their search for sandra. reporter: coworkers, family and friends gathering at the home of sandra coke say they can't sit by and wait for police to find the missing woman. >> i'm really worried about her. i hope she is found as soon as possible. >> reporter: coke, a single mother of a teenaged girl, is an investigator for the federal defenders office in sacramento. do you think she would have taken her life? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. this is a woman 100% devoted to her daughter who depends on her. she was close in constant contact with her family and friends. she had just celebrated her 50th birthday on friday with a group of friends. she is a woman with a big heart
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who had a lot to give and was in no way despondent enough to have taken her own life. >> reporter: coke was last seen here at her north oakland home sunday evening before leaving to talk to someone who may have had information on her missing dog. she had offered $1,000 reward. volunteers covered coke's neighborhood. >> everybody in the neighborhood -- >> reporter: at home near this apartment building parking lot on 32nd, coke's car was found monday night. >> our office deals with criminal investigations on the defense side so i think we're all very pro-active, creative and concerned. so this is our opportunity to do something. >> a truly painful thing to have somebody who you love and who has family members who depend on her just disappear. it is just unthinkable. and you read about these stories in the media. they happen to other people. they don't happen to you.
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[ crying ] >> and it's hard. >> reporter: coke's sister tanya wonders if her sister is being held somewhere against her will, maybe even hopes that. so far, no one is really talking about anything worse than that. liz? >> don, do police think her job as an investigator has anything to do with her disappearance? >> reporter: you know, it certainly sometimes like that putser in company with some pretty sketchy character -- that puts her in company with some pretty sketchy characters working for the federal government. but she works on the side of defendants. if anything, those people should be on her side. but police are looking into everything and don't know anything yet. >> thank you. bart talks took center stage today. both side showed their hands and made their case to a special package appointed by the governor. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the numbers game that is standing in the way of the deal. reporter: we haven't seen this before, a public airing of the dispute between labor and management. >> bart cannot economically continue to provide the benefits it currently provides
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unless those costs are shared. >> reporter: bart told the three member panel formed by governor brown the district provides what it wants for healthcare. it says workers can keep paying what they do now if they stick to certain plans or pay the difference. bart adds its proposal is an $18 million giveback to union workers and that the union's counter is $100 million more over four years. the unions say the agency's number are inflated. they say they are only $56 million apart. >> the parties bargained from a position to get to the middle. some middle ground. and that's what we have been trying to do. but you need two to bargain. and one of our substantial experiences here is there isn't somebody on the other side of the table to do that with. >> reporter: the unions add they are willing to negotiate but bart is not. and the unions say they don't want to negotiate in the media like they say bart has. the unions argue what bart claims are raises are actually paycuts in disguise because of pension payments. and while bart and one union think a 60-day cooling-off period is needed, another disagrees.
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>> so this is an exception and it should not be rewarded with another 60 days of stalling and delay. >> reporter: if even the unions can't agree, now there's a lot of work to be done. >> it's no secret that at this point in bargaining, i would certainly expect there to be fewer proposals on all sides on the table. and so i'm a little surprised to hear you think this can be achieved by sunday night. >> reporter: sunday night would be the deadline if the governor does not order a cooling-off period. but the last five times the governor has convened this panel, the governor has chosen that 60-day cooling-off period. live in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> to see more from today's hearing, go to our website, crisis averted in the east bay. ac transit buses are rolling thanks to a last-minute deal with the unions. union leaders and officials hammered it out late last night. the tentative three-year deal includes a 9.5% raise and has
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employees paying part of their healthcare costs. the unions will vote next month. other news around the bay area. city leaders in san francisco will host a gun buy-back in the mission tomorrow. weapons in working condition can be exchanged for as much as $200. it's tomorrow from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the u.s. bank parking lot at 22nd street. and pg&e crews are working on a gas leak that forced some evacuations in cupertino. it happened on firestone drive around 2:30 this afternoon. no word on what caused it. well, the family of the uc- santa cruz student killed at a camp near yosemite has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. this large oak tree came down at the popular summer camp tawonga on july 3. 21-year-old amyias rittenberg was killed and four other counselors injured. the lawsuit targets pg&e and various tree inspectors hired to look at the tree. the suit claims that they failed to warn the camp that it
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was at risk of falling. it felt great knowing it was coming down. >> ariel castro is locked up for life and tonight his victims are free from his house of horrors. >> i'm ken bastida in san francisco. he was swimming off this pier two hours ago. is this really a great white shark? we'll have the story coming up. >> fire danger is on the increase to our north as close as ukiah and northern lake county. there's a red flag warning in effect with the chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. coming up in weather find out why that's good news here if you like sunshine and warmer weather. details next. >> and google launches its latest weapon in the smartphone wars. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. from a k- mart parking lot. 43-year old kevin harvey is he antioch police arrested a man accused of kidnapping a woman from a kmart parking lot. 43-year-old kevin harvey is a registered sex offender.
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the woman said he used a gun, forced her into a car and raped her monday afternoon. she was able to escape and call for help. a possible motive in that murder and child abduction case that triggered a statewide amber alert. the man accused of abducting a 16-year-old girl may have had a crush on her. that's according to friends of hannah anderson. her mother's body was found in a burning home in san diego county. authorities are checking to see if a second body in that home is that of hannah's younger brother. in cleveland neighbors cheered as crews demolished a house where three women were held captive for a decade. it was torn down as part of a plea deal that spared ariel castro a possible death sentence. the house had become a grim neighborhood attraction. this is one photo op we won't be seeing anytime soon, president obama cancersfulling the scheduled one on -- canceling the scheduled oneon one meeting with russian president vladimir putin.
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it could be payback for moscow's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden. obama will still attend the g20 summit in russia next month. if you want to get in the fourth largest lottery jackpot in history up one hour. people were lining up for tickets to the powerball drawing estimated at $425 million. that's if you take the 30 annual payouts. the lump sum, that's $245 million before taxes. ticket sales stop at 7:00. the drawing is at 8:00. your chance of winning, 1 in 175 million. so good luck on that. the moto x is coming and i'll tell you about the features that could bruise apple and steal away iphone users coming up. >> and tesla stock hits warp speed even though the bay area carmaker said it is still losing money.
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goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. reports show the company's revenue is soaring beyond expectations. the palo alto shares of electric car company tesla hit the throttle after reports show the
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company's revenue is soaring beyond expectations. the palo alto company, however, is still losing money. but not as much a year ago. tesla was on track to sell 5,000 cars next quarter and sold hundreds more than expected so the stock jumped 13% today. year-to-date it's up more than 300%. it's been five years since the first electric car charging station opened in san jose. make chuck reed celebrated today with charge point ceo pat romano. san jose is working aggressively to convert its entire fleet of city vehicles to alternative fuels. since this station on center road open, charge point has installed more than 200 stations in san jose, more than 2500 throughout the bay area and across the country. the smartphone wars are heating up. but sue kwon tells us on the consumerwatch it's not just about what the moto x can do for you. it's about what you can do to it. reporter: there are 4,000
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smartphones or not market right now. best buy sells a lot of them. but the moto x is coming and you know what? this one could actually bruise apple's iphone. there are an estimated 44 million iphone users in the u.s. >> i use an iphone 5. my last was an iphone 4. >> reporter: would you circumstances. i would definitely consider switching yes. -- would you consider switching? >> i would definitely consider switching yes. >> reporter: the new gadget got people's attention. the moto x is born and this android's baby has never-before- seen features. our rhonda rodriguez with pc world is among the first to test drive it. it doesn't look like much, but the phone is always listening. no need to hold down a button for voice commands. >> you can actually talk to it without ever touching it just by saying, okay, google now. what's the weather like in san francisco? >> it's 64 degrees and mostly cloudy in san francisco. >> reporter: and, of course, it's loaded with google apps,
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gmail and calendar. >> so if you are already using those things, it just syncs up everything so naturally as opposed to like the iphone where you can sync but things don't come over right. but it has great battery life on a single charge. >> reporter: because camera quality is among the most important features to smartphone users, check this out. >> even if the phone is sleeping, you give a quick twist of the wrist. and the camera app launches. >> reporter: no more missed shots. >> cheese. >> cheese! >> reporter: cheese. >> the moto x is better for lowlight because it has a special sensor that uses a clear quartz crystal to let in more light. >> reporter: best buy is expecting a moto x here by august 23rd. price tag $200. so this could give iphone a run for its money because iphone has 39% of the market right now
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with samsung catching one 23% of the market for the moto x so it could shake things up. >> can people preorder it? >> reporter: that's a great question. they do preorders for gaming devices and such. but not with the moto x. but you can sign up with your carrier on the spot here. and they don't expect delays like the problems with the google's last foray into mobile phones with the nexus. no problems expected this time around. >> thank you, sue. thank you. call it another day at the races in the louis vuitton cup semifinals. hundreds gathered along pier 39 to watch italian team luna rosa battle sweden's team artemis. this is the best-of-seven series. luna rosa won today and is leading 2-0 over artemis and the italian team needs two more wins to advance to the finals. the winner goes head to head with new zealand team emirates in the finals and racing resumes friday.
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sea level is rising and breaking records along the way. a new study finds that ocean levels are at an all-time high. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says they have also seen dramatic spikes in heat and ice melt. the study doesn't cite a cause for the increase in temperatures but it finds higher greenhouse gas emissions. shark week on discovery channel but one shark in the bay area doesn't want to mix out. kpix 5's ken bastida took mobile5 to san francisco's hide street pier. >> reporter: there's been a sizable looking shark lurking around the piers and around fisherman's wharf on the hyde street pier. at first glance, it looks like a great white shark. it's a sizable guy. we got that video from a
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tugboat skipper who says that he saw the shark and took photographs of it, as well. we wanted to find out what kind of animal this was so we took the photographs over to the aquarium of the bay and keith herbert one of the curators there said he had some biologist there work on that. >> none of us saw the animal. the animal in question upon closer inspection of the photographs appears to be a salmon shark related to great whites and commonly seen here in the bay. >> reporter: a man eater like the great white has known to be? >> no, not at all. there is no reason to be afraid of these sharks. this one was only three feet long. >> reporter: at first glance, who wants to take a guess that's pretty much the situation with jared ward here who works at the gas dock here
5:20 pm
by the hide street pier. it was cruising along the pilings and swimming along. >> reporter: how big was the war? > about that-- how big was the sunny. >> reporter: about that big the fin? >> about that bin. >> reporter: he is staying up here until somebody figures it up. a salmon shark not a great white but good fish story. reporting live from the hyde street pier, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> rule of thumb, fin out of the water, you out of the water! [ laughter ] >> other direction. >> more lessons in life tonight at 6:00. [ laughter ] all right. weather it's chilly again. we can't get a day close to normal but we will at the end
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of the forecast, the seven-day. let's talk about this evening, sunny skies and chilly. 15 degrees below average. lots of folks heading into the city with baseball tonight. we got up to 65 in san francisco. oakland 66. livermore 74. you barely, barely made it to 70 in concord today. the sun did not come out until early afternoon. so the streak continues in san francisco downtown. it has now been 34 days since we have hit 70 last time we did it back on july 4. since then we have declared our independence from summer! vallejo 56 tonight, oakland 56, cloudy start for redwood city and! the clouds will be slow to burn off once again keeping temperatures down and this is the reason why. low pressure system will cause a chance of thunderstorms in ukiah and clearlake but it's moving away from us and that's key to our weather because as it begins to move away from us, the onshore flow will begin to
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weaken but i'm talking baby steps. we may gain a degree or two-a- day for the next several days but at least we are going up instead of down. so as low pressure pulls away, temperatures will increase as will sunshine. even when low pressure gets off the washington coastline and far away from us, it will still give us a light onshore flow so we'll probably stay a few degrees shy of average but we'll begin trending up tomorrow. still cloudy, still foggy and drizzly in the morning. we'll get the sunshine in the afternoon. milder especially starting friday and then by next week, we will be not back to normal but near normal. san jose another chilly day for you 74. livermore 76. well below average but pleasant, good weather to get outside. milpitas 75. morgan hill and gilroy in the low 80s but only 60s for pacifica, union city, hayward. mid-70s that's it again for san ramon, pittsburg, concord, fairfield 78. 71 tomorrow san rafael. mill valley 70. alameda 65, san francisco 63.
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cloverdale tomorrow 81 degrees. if you like warmer weather, every day is warmer than the previous one. we're going up. if you like the hot stuff, even when we get to next wednesday when temperatures have increased for about 7 straight days, we are still not back to average. >> only 87? >> doesn't sound right. >> i guess by then it will feel warmer. >> true enough. >> balmy, 87. didn't think we would say that around here. >> thanks. a big city just found a way to drive some very real fear into the hearts of would-be thieves using a fake cop. >> we are just one day away from 49ers football against the broncos tomorrow at 6:00 here on kpix 5 and big brother will follow at 10:00 right after the fifth quarter post-game show. ,,
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cardboard cutouts of real rs at strategic lo police in boston have found a rather cheap way to cut down on crime.
5:26 pm
they are stationing cardboard cutouts of officers around locations around town to fight theft. so far it seems to be working. police say the time it takes to notice the cutout is enough to discourage would-be thieves. >> that's a large officer for a model. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." norah o'donnell is in for scott pelley tonight. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. president obama calls off a summit with russian president vladimir putin payback for giving asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. we'll have more on the strained relations. plus, u.s. drones take out more suspected terrorists in yemen as the government there claims it has stopped planned attacks by al qaeda. we'll have the latest tonight on the "cbs evening news." that's at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,
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ends sunday! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ prison problem. how a sheriff from another state,s offering g new at 6:00 tonight it could be a solution to california's overcrowded prison problem. how a sheriff from another state is offering governor brown a brand-new option. >> plus -- >> all of a sudden along came these superheros and it was as though the readers couldn't get enough of them. >> long lines for a legend in comics. that and more at 6:00. >> so bring your superhero suit. >> helmet on. >> right. >> all right. thanks for watching at 5:00. "cbs evening news" is next with norah o'donnell. >> and remember the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> o'donnell: tonight, a rift with russia. president obama calls off the summit with president putin, payback for giving asylum to n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. major garrett on the strained relations. u.s. drones take out more suspected terrorists in yemen as s e government there claims it has stopped planned attacks by al qaeda. bob orr has the latest. lalospora makes still more americans sick. dr. jon lapook reports the outbreak has exposed a gap in the technology needed to trace the source of dangerous diseases. and anthony mason with the man who had the right stuff to chronicle the civil rights movement. >> i was skinny, i was quick, i was fast. the cops couldn't catch me. . captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.